Shu Jen Chen

Precision Oncology Developments in Asia


Precision oncology is a vision initially ignited by the availability of target therapy and further powered by the advancement in detecting technology. Combining biomarker and targeted therapy, is expected to provide a more precise and more personalized management strategy for cancer patients. While the concept of precision oncology is welcomed by many but the development of precision oncology has faced several challenges, including test accessibility and drug availability. In Asia, precision oncology development also clearly showed cancer type disparity. For example, lung cancer patients are well aware of and benefit from the popularity of precision oncology. Recently, patients with ovarian cancer have also begun to enjoy the practice of precision medicine. On the other hand, in some Asian high prevalence cancer, including head and neck cancer and liver cancer, the clinical utility of precision cancer has not been so popular, likely due to lack of clinical evidence. Furthermore, reimbursement and insurance policy are also factors limiting the popularity of precision oncology. The progress and challenges in precision oncology faced by Asian countries will be discussed in the presentation.