Jacky Yu Chung Li

Hong Kong United Oncology Centre

Dr. Jacky Li graduated from The University of Hong Kong in the year 2008. He was trained in Queen Elizabeth Hospital and obtained his fellowship in Clinical Oncology from Hong Kong College of Radiologist in the year 2016. He has been subspecialised in lung cancer treatment and received overseas training with a focus on advanced radiotherapy technique from University Hospital Seidman Cancer Centre in Cleveland, Ohio, USA and National Cancer Centre Singapore. He has had active participation as principal investigators in over 30 multi-centred international clinical trials on lung cancer. His current interest is on the precision medicine and immunotherapy in various solid tumors. Dr. Li is the Founding President of Hong Kong Oncology Study Group established for the promotion of cancer-related clinical trials in Hong Kong. Dr. Li is also unique in that he conducts a huge variety of clinical trials while he serves as a private clinical oncologist in the Hong Kong United Oncology Centre.