Enrique Grande

MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid
MD, PhD, Msc


Dr Enrique Grande, MD, PhD, Msc, is the current Director of the Medical Oncology Program at the MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid. Dr. Grande is focus on the research on Genitourinary tumors and takes active collaboration in the development of the Translational Research and Early Drug Development Unit. Dr Grande was awarded his PhD for a pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic study of tyrosine kinase inhibitors in liver metabolism, and he holds a master’s degree in the molecular biology of cancer from the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO). A published author of more than 200 manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals, Dr Grande is also the founder of the Spanish group for research on orphan and uncommon tumours (GETHI). Dr Grande is editor of several international journals and has been the editor of a range of books related to Oncology. Dr Grande has participated in the most recent trials in the field of renal cell tumors that led to the approval of the new drugs we have now available.