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The last few decades witnessed the rapid advancement in oncology that had revolutionised our fundamental understanding of the mechanisms, diagnosis and treatments of cancer. Due to the advances in diagnostic methods, the number of new cancer cases are on the rise globally and particularly, in the Asia-Pacific region. This highlights the need for tighter scientific investigation and collaboration targeting the unique demographics in this region.


“Precision oncology” refers to the diverse strategies in cancer medicine to tailor ideal therapies for individual patients. These strategies range from targeted therapies to using data from next-generation sequencing. Precision oncology has received widespread enthusiasm and is rapidly entering the mainstream of clinical practice. As multidisciplinary and seamless collaboration is essential for innovation and the bridging between scientific discovery and clinical application, the mission of HKPOS is to foster the development of precision oncology via promoting multi-disciplinary communication across clinicians, scientists and industry leaders!


Dr. Joseph Siu-Kie Au
President, Hong Kong Precision Oncology Society

Promote scientific rigor and evidence-based practice in precision oncology

Multidisciplinary networking and collaboration

Multidisciplinary networking and collaboration

Promote innovative technologies useful for cancer management

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