Weixi Shen

Southern Medical University
MD., Ph.D.


Wei-xi Shen MD., Ph.D., Professor of Medical Oncology Department, Shenzhen Hospital, Southern Medical University, Director of Shenzhen Tianyou Medical Institute, Shenzhen, China. Professor Shen graduated from Cancer Hospital, Peking University with M.S. degree in 1989 and from Cancer Hospital, Peking Union Medical College, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences with M.D. & Ph. D degree in 1999. He is the President of Shenzhen Anti-cancer Association and the Shenzhen Chairman of Chinese Tumor Prevention and Treatment Union, the Vice-President of Guangdong medical Association, Associate President, Tumor Branch Committee of Shenzhen Doctor Association. Associate President, Tumor Branch Committee, Guangdong Province Doctor Association. Council Member, Tumor Branch Committee, World Chinese Medicine Union, Council Member, China Clinical Cancer Association, etc. Over 100 scientific articles have been published in national and international journals. His research specialization was focused on medical oncology and comparative research on Traditional Chinese and western Medicine.