John WU


Dr. Wu is a Radiation Oncologist at the Vancouver Cancer Centre. He completed his training at the Cross Cancer Institute (Edmonton) and the University of Washington Medical Center (Seattle). He is a Clinical Professor at the University of British Columbia and is the Chair of the Provincial H&N Tumour Group. His interests include the development of precision radiation therapy techniques, salivary gland sparing radiotherapy, and leveraging health information technologies to enable population based quality assurance and outcomes research.


Since 2009, the BC Cancer Agency Oral Oncology Department has been measuring pre- and post-radiotherapy salivary output measurements for patients with head and neck cancers. In 2012, this was followed by the addition of patient reported xerostomia. Our cohort now has over 900 patients, and has influenced radiotherapy planning constraints, including QUANTEC. In this talk, I will review some of the interesting findings from this work, and discuss future endeavours to validate our findings.

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    University of British Columbia, Canada
Salivary Function Preservation-The First Ten Years at the BC Cancer Agency

7th November 2020,13:00pm

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