Herbert Loong


Dr. Herbert H. Loong holds conjoint appointments of Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Clinical Oncology and Deputy Medical Director of the Phase 1 Clinical Trials Centre of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is also the current and founding convenor of the Prince of Wales Hospital Adult Sarcoma Multidisciplinary Team.

Dr. Loong obtained his medical degree with a Distinction in Surgery from The University of Hong Kong in 2003. He has completed a Fellowship in Drug Development at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, Canada with a special focus on Experimental Therapeutics. His clinical and research interests also include Sarcoma Medical Oncology, Thoracic Oncology and Health Economics.

Dr. Loong is a recipient of the European Cancer Congress Fellowship Grant (2013), the ASCO Annual Meeting Merit Award (2014), the Hong Kong College of Physicians Young Investigators’ Award (2014). Nominated by patients and their caregivers, Dr. Loong led the Lung Cancer Team at CUHK to be bestowed the IASLC Foundation Cancer Care Team Award in recognition for providing the best thoracic oncology care in “Asia & Rest of the World” in 2018.


Accounting for over 15% of all new cancer cases in 2017, lung cancer is the 2nd most common cancer in Men and 3rd most common cancer in Women in Hong Kong. Whilst there can always be further improvements in the provision of healthcare to our residents, our dual track of comprehensive public healthcare offered by the Hospital Authority, as well as a flourishing private healthcare environment, has helped put Hong Kong in an ideal strategic position to further advance drug development efforts. Our distinct Asian lung cancer epidemiology with a higher proportion of patients diagnosed with lung cancer harboring potentially actionable mutations, coupled with a relatively open policy toward clinical trials and translational research has helped put Hong Kong on the world map for lung cancer. Moreover, through this unique situation, we have been able to nurture a group of young and keen medical professionals within the community to carry the flag further forward. All in all, these advancements have also benefited patients and clinical care. In this talk, I shall discuss how Hong Kong’s distinctive set of circumstances has helped ‘move the needle’ forward, and how we can further harness our position in the field.

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    Chinese University of Hong Kong
Lung Cancer Management: Hong Kong perspective

8th November 2020,17:00pm

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