7th hkpos Videos

7th HKPOS Opening – Dr Au

Liquid Biopsy and Clinical Utility of Circulating Tumour Cell – Dr. Michael Yang

AI in Global Health – Dr.Fabio Ynoe de Moraes

AI in Applications in Cancer Care – Dr Clifton David Fuller

AI-based extraction and clustering analysis of liver lesion image features- Dr. Lawrence Chan

Tumor Treating Fields A New Modality for Local Tumor Control – Dr.Tresa McGranahan

Salivary Function Preservation-The First Ten Years at the BC Cancer Agency – Dr. John Wu

Current Clinical Trials on New Agents for Gliomas – Dr. Alva Venur

(DT) for hepatocellular carcinoma using the gimballed LINAC VERO SBRT system – Dr Roy Ma

Tumor Treating Fields in MPM: current results and future outlook -Dr Giovanni Luca Ceresoli

Genomic Medicine and Tumour Type-agnostic Therapy in Cancer – Dr.Jacky Li

FLASH & PHASER: potential new radiotherapy paradigm and its clinical translation – Dr. Billy W Loo

FLASH and Proton Therapy – Dr.Tony Wong

Tumor-Treating Fields – A New Efficacious Modality for Both Newly Diagnosed & Recurrent Glioblastoma- Dr. Jay Zhu

Radiation and Immune Modulation in Lung Cancer: Moving Beyond Local Control – Dr. Ramesh Rengan

SBRT for spine metastasis – the current state of affairs and future directions – Dr. Simon Lo

Novel Targeted Therapies in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer – Dr.Christina Baik

Target Therapy and immunotherapy for breast cancer – Dr. Jennifer Specht

Updates on Oligometastatic Disease – Dr Mitchell Liu

Positioning Hong Kong as a Hub for Translational Research and C M for L C Dr. Herbert H. Loong

New frontiers in breast cancer management – Dr. Patricia Poon

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