CSCO Guideline for CCD and T ,Yan Hong Gu, Cancer Center, The First Affiliated Hospital of NMU

Emerging Treatment Strategies for Refractory Colorectal Cancer , Ka On Lam , University of Hong Kong


Aperture with pencil beam scanning modified , Tony Wong , Proton Therapy Center , S C C A

Rational Combination of Immunotherapy, Lei Zheng , Johns Hopkins Medicine


NGS-based Biomarker for Precision Immunotherapy, Shu Jen Chen , Taiwan Precision Medicine Society

Precision Immunotherapy, Frank Fan , Nanjing Legend Biotech C. , Ltd.

Single-cell C G and Transcriptomics,Tim Hui Ming Huang , University of T H S C at San Antonio

Fake News in Theracic Surgery , Alan Sihoe , University of Hong Kong

Accurate Localization and P R of E S L C , Ju Wei Mu , Cancer Hospital , C A O M S , Shenzhen Center

Artificial Intelligence Assisted Imaging-guided Therapy , Wen Tao Wu , Q B I T Ltd

Novel Non-coding RNA and Big Data , Zhi John Lu , Tsinghua University

Emerging Topics in Cancer Medicine : Focusing on Artificial Intelligence , Yun Yen , TMU

Hereditary Gastric Cancer , Xiao Tian Zhang , Peking University Cancer Hospital

Targeted Therapy for Less Common Driver Mutations of Lung Cancer , Victor Ho Fun Lee , HKU

Breast Cancer Control in Hong Kong, Polly Cheung , Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation

Experience of Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy in HK, Tai Chung Lam , HKU

Progress in Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy, Mitchell Liu , BC Cancer Agency

Head and Neck Cancers, John Wu , BC Cancer Agency

Gastrointestinal Cancers, Roy Ma , BC Cancer Agency

Anti-Angiogenesis in MCC, Xiao Feng Chen, Cancer Center , The First Affiliated Hospital of NMU

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